colloqui conoscitivi

Colloqui Conoscitivi is literally translated as 'talks to get to know' and, in Italian, means 'job interviews'. This naming aims to joke about the expectation of getting to know people just through a quick formal chat or few lines on a CV: true knowledge of people, lives and worlds, cannot prescind from experiential attitude, absence of prejudice and everyday curiosity for stories and places, be they faraway or around the corner.

"Colloqui Conoscitivi" is hard to spell, memorize and index on browsers. As for a true personal research process, it will never be quick to access and search failings are part of the game.

Colloqui Conoscitivi is where I collect pictures and thoughts about my adventurous escapes or just daily encounters.

Rejecting the superficiality that our society boosts.


Places where Colloqui Conoscitivi's pictures were shot and stories were conceived