colloqui conoscitivi

Colloqui Conoscitivi can be literally translated as 'talks to get to know' and, in italian, means 'job interviews'. This naming aims to joke about the expectation of getting to know people just through a quick formal chat or few lines on a CV. Colloqui Conoscitivi claims the experience of travelling and the everyday will to discover places and stories, be they faraway or around the corner, as the only ways to actually get into people, lives and worlds. Colloqui Conoscitivi is where I collect the (mostly unretouched) pictures I took trying to catch instant’s soul and messages.

Born in 1988 in Bergamo (Italy), graduated in engineering, in the last years I had the chance to challenge myself in solo and unsupported adventurous travels. I currently work in the busy and posh city of Milan. I think that these experiences and the contrast with my daily routine, made me quite sensitive in catching contrasts, elusive particulars and behaviour.

I hope that Colloqui Conoscitivi can show you something different from what you have already seen, look into or thought about.

Rejecting the superficiality that our society boosts.


Places where Colloqui Conoscitivi's pictures where shot


- 2012 -

Engineering Master's degree

Management Engineering, University of Bergamo

- 2014 -


Since 2014 I have been working for a consulting company, based in Milan and operating in the pharmaceutical industry.

- 2015 -

Web and App Design

Attended a one year night class in Web and App Design from Mohole School (Milan). I started working as "Free"lance, keeping on collaborating with the aforementioned consulting company and developing web-based projects on my own.


- 1988 -


Bergamo, Italy

- 2011 -

West Coastin' USA

First long-distance trip, exploring the USA West Coast.

- 2013 -

Downunder getaway

One year spent working and travelling all over Australia.

TransSiberian Express

Back to Europe, crossing China, Mongolia and Russia by train from Beijing to St. Petersburg.

- 2014 -

La Popolare Ciclistica

Proudly joined the most revolutionary cycling club in the world. Getting further motivation I accomplished some other cycling stuff such as: amateur Tour des Flanders (2015), Paris-Roubaix (2016) and Tro-Bro-Leon (2017).

Solo Bike Touring

Camino de Santiago (2014), as first bike touring experience. Followed in 2015 by the epic Land's End to John o'Groats (cheated catching a train in between). Some other holidays spent pedalling part of Sicily (2016), Portugal (2017) and Croatia (2018) coast.

- 2018 -


Chile and Argentina along the epic Ruta40 and Carretera Austral. Rainforest and deserts made me look like a cool and eco-friendly backpacker while seriously contributing to global warming with a 5000km car trip.